Who Can Monitor !

Users have a Login Name and Password to view their Own Information !

Why Wait for reports when a person can view their Information when it Suits Them ?

The User List :

  • Site Owner
  • Site Manager
  • Control Room Operator
  • Security Company Manager

“Push Notifications have been tested – And now can be used for Monitoring Guard Site Events With or Without a Control Room ! “

Program Features :

  • Each User has access to the Server for Real Time Status of the Patrols on Their Site(s) !
  • Users are Notified in Live Time of Patrol Events of the Security Officer !
  • Patrol Complete, Fail to Patrol, Device Offline and Other Events are Managed Automatically by the Server !
  • Each User has Access to Their Event Details !
  • Each User has Access to Their History !

Any Event will not be Accidentally Missed or Ignored by the User !

Ongoing Development Ensures that the Program will Always Improve !